O’Flynn’s Irish Kitchen is open daily from 3PM to 10 PM. We offer a traditional seasonal Irish Seafood Menu including Steamed Crabs, Soups, Salad and Sandwiches

Steamed Crabs Large & Medium male blue crabs steamed in House. Dine-In, Take-Away, and Delivery Options Available.  Call in and order ahead!  Special Orders must be given at least 1 day advance.  Pipin´ hot from our Steam Kitchen!

“Red Coddle”  Homemade meatless chili with kidney beans, onions, tomato, peppers, tomato stock and special spices (v) (gf)  $4/bowl

Guinness Smokehouse Chili    Traditional smoked beef & turkey, tomato, kidney beans, peppers, onions, tomato stock.  $5/bowl

Crab Soup   Lump crab, tomatoes, peppers, onion, corn, celery, vegetables, lima & green beans,  tomato stock, Bay spice. $6/bowl

Cobh Beans & Toast (v) A few triangles of lightly buttered brown toast with a huge pile of tomato-y beans $4

Kale Waldorf Salad (v) Curly kale, Macintosh apple, cranberries, walnuts, sunflower seeds, vegan agave mayo dressing $6


O’Hare’s Irish Red Pulled Pork Slow cooked pork in O’Hare’s Irish Red Ale served on kaiser roll with house bbq sauce and side of house made cole slaw  $7

Roast Pit Beef Seasoned top round grilled & smoked with a  garlic, onion, spice rub sliced and served on kaiser roll.  $7 Add cheddar for $.50

Roast Pit Turkey Smoked turkey breast with house spices served on kaiser. $7

Spicy BBQ Jack Fruit (v) A perfect vegan substitute for pulled pork. Sautéed high fiber Asian Fruit, rich in protein, potassium, calcium, and iron in our signature hot BBQ sauce topped with house made cole slaw.  $7

Banger on a Bun  Smoked sweet pork sausage with sautéed onion served on potato hoagie roll $4

Prawn Salad O’Flynn’s signature shrimp salad tossed in Bay spice with avocado mayonnaise. Served on kaiser roll with lettuce & tomato. $8

Smoked Salmon BLT House smoked salmon, thick cut bacon, tomato, crisp greens, lemon pepper, avocado mayo, on toasted kaiser roll $10

SIDES:  Mac & Cheese, Coleslaw, Baked Beans(v)Collard Greens(v) $3


(v) = Vegan (gf)= Gluten Free